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How To Get 25 Content Ideas For High Ranking

Knowing the content ideas of your competitors is more than half the way to creating good content. With the information you gathered, you can define the perspective to communicate your message to your readers while keeping your idea unique and original. However, achieving this is not easy without using SEO Tools designed to do such tasks, and you have the time to study the analysis result. Based on this context, we create the article to assist you in getting the right direction in your article idea generation.

Using SEO Tool To Find Content Ideas

Many SEO Tools have rich and profitable features for checking your web page ranking and do keywords and competitor analysis. But only a few offer in-depth content ideas research to show you what competitors wrote about the article you want to create. Using the search engine optimization tool, you get the top web pages to write something about the topic — with only one keyword. You get the following helpful information vital for your content:

  1. Web page URL list leading to the content
  2. Estimated visit from search engine to the web page
  3. The web page number of backlinks
  4. Number of social media activities going to the web page

Being aware of the information gives you proper insight into how to get the best ideas for your content. Besides, you know also if the keyword you use is profitable, so you do not create an article uninteresting to your readers. 

Web page URL: The most striking on the list is the web page URL for content ideas. Because it uncovers the thought of the writer. By studying the article carefully, you can possibly know the intent they want to convey to their audience.

Estimated visit: To know the number of visitors that hits the web page in a period of one month will surely strengthen your decision in finding the right perspective for your article writing.

Number of backlinks: It is also important to know the number of backlinks coming from other external pages to that web page which helps you determine how popular the content is.

Social media activities: The last on the list is the social media engagements that lead to the content’s page. You get the insight of discussions about the article.

Finding Content Ideas For Better SE Ranking

Contrarily, let us take a look at a situation where you cannot afford the monthly payment of the SEO tool, or you live in a location where internet connection is still expensive—like in Africa. You will need to know what is trending about your content idea to get a better writing perspective. However, to be competitive, content marketing starts from the view of the creator. Let’s look at how you can achieve this without subscribing monthly to SEO Tool or paying a high data rate cost for your internet connection. This is perfect for startups looking for a way to grow their customer base.

No Monthly Subscription To SEO Tool 

You do not pay for a search engine optimization tool to get content ideas with the potential to rank your web pages high. We help you get the profitable ideas you need, which you can download from your inbox to get a clear picture of your writing topic. In this way, you stand a better chance to write an engaging article.

How To Get The Best Content Ideas Easily

Your content becomes one of the best when it is shareable. To bring it to the point, passion for what you are writing plays a significant role. And knowing how to use the ideas you gather so far correctly. But to start, you need the best SEO keywords for your topic that will provide you with the most traffic. Please send us the keyword, and we check the 25 best content ideas for it in the form of web pages that compete in the topic.